1604 The Lequin family work the land in Santenay (Santenay and Dijon Library Archives)
1669 Philibert Lequin buys a vineyard with the local name " Les Clos Genet  " in Santenay and indebts himself, his son, and his grandson for 120 years; their repayments finish in 1789 (the year of the French Revolution). The royal act in still in family possession
1734 Antoine Lequin becomes the wine grower of the Autun Hospice; he will be in charge of the pruning, hoeing, training, trimming of the vines and the harvest…even including making the wine.

Louis Isidore Lequin establishes the family home and sets up the Domain. He works the vines during the season while in winter he exploits siliceous sand mines, (at the top of the mountain of Santenay,) which are used for glass-making. With the income from the mine he increases the Domain by buying vineyards.

1920 Lucien Lequin, my grandfather, works on the Domain and starts to sell his wine out of individual bottles. With his son Jean, he buys some "Bâtard Montrachet" vines in 1938.
1946 Jean Lequin (my father) takes over from his father; he develops the export market, especially in the USA. (In 1950 he supplies the Waldorf Astoria in New York.) He extends the Domain and becomes owner of a vineyard at Corton.
1969 Louis Lequin and his brother start operating the family domain, they build a fermenting room more adapted to the dimensions of the Domain, they develop new markets and add two additional appellations to the list: " Pommard " and " Nuits Saint Georges ".
1993 Louis Lequin takes control of the half of the family Domain then adds more of his own vineyards to it.