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The Louis Lequin Domain has a surface of 7 hectares, distributed through the villages of Santenay, Chassagne- Montrachet, Pommard, Corton and Nuits Saint Georges. Two vine varieties are cultivated:

  • Pinot Noir for the red wines and
  • Chardonnay for the white wines.

I prune the Pinot Noir vines according to the Cordon de Royat method; this allows me to limit the yield, to aerate the vine and to give more sunlight to the grapes. These factors give greater grape maturity, more colour and more flavour.

I prune the Chardonnay vines in Guyot Simple, and remove all the double buds.

The young vines are cultivated by ploughing and hoeing. The older vines are ploughed each spring in order to aerate the soil. This method forces the roots to push more deeply into the soil to seek their nutrition whilst giving a taste of terroir (local character) to the wines.

Between certain rows of vines I sow grass in order to fix the soil and to bring the humus that is necessary for good microbial activity in the soil..

I am concerned with the environment, and I work with sustainable farming methods.